Borosilicate Glass Storage for Food Air-release Valve #9929700101

Let air out to keep freshness in. That's easy with the AIR ESCAPE. The sturdy borosilicate glass storage dish has a silicone air-release valve in the lid. Lift the valve, firmly place the lid, then close the valve. To open the lid easily, just lift the valve to release pressure. AIR ESCAPE comes in four sizes and colors: Sky Blue, Night Blue, Mint Green, and Forest Green.


  • Borosilicate dish with sturdy plastic and silicone lid.
  • Efficient silicone air-release valve.
  • Four colors and sizes. 1350ml, 950ml, 550ml, 350ml

Borosilicate Glass Storage for Food Air-release Valve

  1. Borosilicate Dish: The use of borosilicate glass for the storage dish is notable for its durability and resistance to thermal shock. This type of glass is known for being sturdy and able to withstand changes in temperature, making it suitable for various food storage needs.
  2. Sturdy Plastic and Silicone Lid: The lid, constructed with a combination of sturdy plastic and silicone, likely provides a secure and airtight seal for the storage dish. The combination of materials suggests a balance between durability and flexibility, ensuring a tight closure to maintain freshness.

  3. Efficient Silicone Air-Release Valve: The silicone air-release valve in the lid is a key feature that helps regulate air pressure inside the storage dish. This mechanism allows users to easily release excess air by lifting the valve before securely placing the lid. Closing the valve helps to create a sealed environment that preserves the freshness of the stored food.

  4. Variety of Colors and Sizes: Offering the AIR ESCAPE in four different colors (Sky Blue, Night Blue, Mint Green, and Forest Green) and sizes (1350ml, 950ml, 550ml, 350ml) provides customers with choices that match their preferences and needs. This customization adds a personal touch to the kitchen organization.

  5. Customizable Branding: The option to customize the bottle with different logo printing methods, such as silkscreen, laser engraving, and heat transfer, allows businesses to personalize the bottles to match their brand identity. This could be particularly appealing for companies looking to distribute these bottles as promotional items or gifts.

  6. Packaging Options: Providing various packaging options, including white boxes, custom color boxes, cylinder boxes, and display boxes, enables businesses to present the product in a way that aligns with their brand aesthetics and marketing strategies.

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