SinoGlass Testing Lab

SinoGlass Testing Lab

SinoGlass group uses thorough QA, QC and TQM quality control systems and is equipped with an industry-leading laboratory for testing housewares and accessories. With professional raw materials, modern manufacturing and the best quality control personnel, SinoGlass Group can ensure the highest quality work and products from our production facilities, environment, staff, and management.

  • Fatigue Testing System

    Fatigue Testing System

  • Cup Lid Function Testing

    Cup Lid Function Testing

  • Product Durability Testing

    Product Durability Testing

  • Packaging Safety Testing

    Packaging Safety Testing

  • Extreme Temperature Oven

    Extreme Temperature Oven

  • Video Measuring System

    Video Measuring System


  • Packaging Inspection

  • Product Inspection

Functional Inspection

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