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  • Day 5 Highlighs – Ambiente|SinoGlass

    Day 5 Highlighs – Ambiente|SinoGlass


    We're in a great business together.People will always need food storage, spice dispensers, oil and vinegar bottles, hydration bottles and other items that contribute to a better life. SinoGlass is your partner in providing the highest quality products and the most attentive customer service available anywhere. lf you'r…

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  • Day 4 Highlighs – Ambiente|SinoGlass

    Day 4 Highlighs – Ambiente|SinoGlass


    Healthy lifestyle choices are on everyone's mind. Clean products made in modern factories, safe food storage, fresh ingredients, plenty of exercise and hydration - we're all paying more attention than ever to taking care of ourselves and living well. At SinoGlass, we think carefully about your customers' daily health j…

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  • Day 3 Highlighs - Ambiente|SinoGlass

    Day 3 Highlighs - Ambiente|SinoGlass


    We created Hy3 to introduce innovative and practical design into the world of complex hydration bottles. A hybrid of hygienic glass, BPA-free plastic, soft silicone, and other natural and sustainable materials, each bottle exhibits style and ease of use for all ages. No matter the demographic, Hy3 provides Hybrid Hygie…

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  • Day 2 Highlighs - Ambiente|SinoGlass

    Day 2 Highlighs - Ambiente|SinoGlass


    Improving a best-seller can be risky, but our newest version is better than ever. The accurate measure oil bottle has unique new features: • Press the large button on top and the excess oil drains back into the bottle. • The unibody construction of the top half means the silicone press area is secure and permanent. • A…

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  • Day 1 Highlighs - Ambiente|SinoGlass

    Day 1 Highlighs - Ambiente|SinoGlass


    Welcome to the first day of the Ambiente Frankfurt Exhibition. When you spend time at our booth, 9.1 G40, you'll see that we haven't stopped pushing full speed ahead to bring successful products to your market. The last few years have been challenging, but our customers have responded positively to our innovation and s…

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    Fresh-ground seasonings add a burst of flavor to your food, and our stylish and sturdy SLIMLINE series of mills feature ceramic mechanisms adjustable from fine to coarse. Remove the small knob at the top to fill, turn the same knob to adjust the grind. The ribbed grind wheel is efficient and easy to grip. Available in …

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