Glass Spice Containers Dual Lid #7935200101

Many spices look similar, so a labeled and dual-lid spice jar is doubly convenient. Open from one side for an innovative sprinkle area with two output choices. Open the other side to pour larger spices or to easily refill without removing the lid. Is it thyme or basil? With a label on the jar there's no need to guess.


  • Dual lid round spice jar.
  • Innovative sprinkle area.
  • Labels included.
  • Two sizes and three colors available.
  • Choice of spice rack combinations.

Glass Spice Containers Dual Lid #7935200101

  1. Dual-Lid Design: The dual-lid design is a key feature that enhances convenience. This setup allows users to open the jar from either side, providing two distinct functionalities: one for sprinkling smaller amounts of spices and another for pouring larger quantities. This flexibility accommodates different cooking needs and preferences.

  2. Innovative Sprinkle Area: The innovative sprinkle area within one of the lids is a clever addition. This area with two output choices enables controlled dispensing of smaller amounts of spices, which can be particularly useful for precise seasoning during cooking.

  3. Labels Included: The inclusion of labels on the spice jars is a practical touch. Labels eliminate the need to guess the contents of each jar, making it easy for users to quickly identify the spices they need while cooking. This promotes efficiency and organization in the kitchen.

  4. Variety of Sizes and Colors: Offering the spice jar in two sizes and three colors provides customers with options that can match their preferences and kitchen decor. This customization adds a personal touch to the cooking and storage experience.

  5. Choice of Spice Rack Combinations: The option to choose different combinations of spice racks adds further convenience. This allows users to tailor their spice storage setup to their available space and the number of spices they frequently use.

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