Glass Jars for Spices 2-opening Lid #7878

The FLICK 6 comes with its own rotating 6-jar spice rack, stylish enough for your kitchen or table. The FLICK 12 also rotates, but holds 12 jars set.


  • One-flick choice for a sprinkle or a pour.
  • Stylish tapered design for easy-grip.
  • Choice of 6-jar or 12-jar rotating rack.
  • Logo: we can customize your own brand logo. silkscreen print, laser engraved, heat transfer print etc.
  • Packaging box: white box, custom color box, cylinder box, display box, etc.

Glass Jars for Spices 2-opening Lid

  1. One-Flick Choice: The FLICK spice jars introduce a user-friendly “one-flick” choice, enabling effortless switching between sprinkle and pour options based on individual preferences.

  2. Stylish Tapered Design: The jars boast a stylish tapered design that not only enhances aesthetics but also facilitates an easy and comfortable grip during usage.

  3. Rotating Spice Racks: The FLICK 6 model is accompanied by a rotating 6-jar spice rack, while the FLICK 12 model features a rotating rack capable of holding 12 jars. Both racks provide convenient and organized storage solutions.

  4. Logo Customization and Packaging: The inclusion of customizable branding options, such as logo customization through techniques like silkscreen print, laser engraving, and heat transfer, is accompanied by diverse packaging choices, such as white box, custom color box, cylinder box, and display box.


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