Glass Best Spice Rack Organizer Revolving Rack #78802003


  • Curved and comfortable shape
  • One side pours, the other side sprinkles
  • Two available colors, Black&Cold grey, Green&Cold grey
  • Logo: we can customize your own brand logo. silkscreen print, laser engraved, heat transfer print etc.
  • Packaging box: white box, custom color box, cylinder box, display box, etc.

Glass Best Spice Rack Organizer Revolving Rack

  • Curved and Comfortable Shape: The container boasts a curved shape that not only adds to its visual appeal but also ensures comfortable handling during use.

  • Dual Pouring and Sprinkling: With one side designed for pouring and the other for sprinkling, the container provides versatile options for various culinary needs.

  • Color Variations: Users can select from two elegant color combinations: Black & Cold Grey or Green & Cold Grey, enabling them to match their preferences and kitchen decor.

  • Logo Customization: The product can be personalized with your brand logo using methods like silkscreen print, laser engraving, or heat transfer, enhancing brand visibility.

  • Packaging Diversity: A range of packaging options, such as white boxes, custom color boxes, cylinder boxes, and display boxes, offer flexibility in presenting the product.

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