Rubberwood Pepper Grinder Slim and Belly Designs #89749002

Gourmet salt and whole pepper, freshly ground from an ELEGANT rubberwood mill, add flavor and sophistication to every dish. The genuine rubberwood body complements any décor, and the starburst grinder wheel comes with our unique color-coded band on the adjustor knob so you know which is salt, which is pepper. Both the SLIM and BELLE models feature our high-quality, lifetime ceramic mechanism so you can quickly adjust the grind from fine to coarse.


  • Starburst grinder wheel for easy operation.
  • Durable ceramic mechanism.
  • Rubber ringed adjustment knob, white for salt, black for pepper.
  • Available in SLIM and BELLE.

Rubberwood Pepper Grinder Slim and Belly Designs

  1. Genuine Rubberwood Body: The use of genuine rubberwood for the mill’s body adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty. Rubberwood is known for its durability and appealing wood grain, making it a suitable choice for complementing various décor styles.

  2. Starburst Grinder Wheel: The starburst grinder wheel suggests that the mill is designed for easy and comfortable operation. This feature can simplify the grinding process and enhance the user experience.

  3. Durable Ceramic Mechanism: The inclusion of a durable ceramic mechanism ensures a high-quality grinding performance. Ceramic mechanisms are known for their ability to grind spices effectively and maintain their sharpness over time, providing consistent results.

  4. Rubber Ringed Adjustment Knob: The rubber ringed adjustment knob adds a functional and aesthetic element. The color-coding with white for salt and black for pepper is a practical feature that helps users easily differentiate between the two options.

  5. Available in SLIM and BELLE: Offering the mill in two different models, SLIM and BELLE, provides customers with options based on their preferences and needs. This customization allows users to choose a model that fits their style and kitchen requirements.

  6. Customizable Branding: The option to customize the bottle with different logo printing methods, such as silkscreen, laser engraving, and heat transfer, allows businesses to personalize the bottles to match their brand identity. This could be particularly appealing for companies looking to distribute these bottles as promotional items or gifts.

  7. Packaging Options: Providing various packaging options, including white boxes, custom color boxes, cylinder boxes, and display boxes, enables businesses to present the product in a way that aligns with their brand aesthetics and marketing strategies.

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