Salad Dressing Shaker Dispenser #78484000

Effortlessly mix dressings or sauces with a sturdy mini-propeller. Specially designed top knob for easy handling. Includes measuring scale and delicious recipes. Silicone plug seals the spout. Customize with your logo and choose from various packaging options.


  • Easily mix salad dressings or dessert sauces.
  • Sturdy mini-propeller thoroughly stirs ingredients.
  • Top knob is specially designed for easy handling.
  • Measuring scale and delicious recipes printed on the bottle.
  • Silicone plug seals the spout.
  • Logo: we can customize your own brand logo. silkscreen print, laser engraved, heat transfer print etc.
  • Packaging box: white box, custom color box, cylinder box, display box, etc.

Salad Dressing Shaker Dispenser #78484000

Salad Dressing Shaker Dispenser #78484000

  1. Effortless Mixing Capability:

    • Your product is designed to make mixing salad dressings or dessert sauces a breeze. Customers can conveniently prepare these culinary essentials without the hassle of manual stirring.
  2. Sturdy Mini-Propeller for Thorough Mixing:

    • The inclusion of a sturdy mini-propeller ensures thorough mixing of ingredients. This feature is particularly useful for achieving well-blended and consistent salad dressings or dessert sauces.
  3. Specially Designed Top Knob for Easy Handling:

    • The top knob of your product is specially designed for easy handling. This ergonomic design element enhances the user’s experience by making it comfortable to hold and use during the mixing process.
  4. Measuring Scale and Recipes Printed on the Bottle:

    • The presence of a measuring scale on the bottle provides customers with a convenient reference for accurately measuring ingredients. Additionally, the inclusion of delicious recipes directly printed on the bottle can inspire creativity in the kitchen and encourage customers to explore various flavor combinations.
  5. Silicone Plug for Spout Sealing:

    • A silicone plug effectively seals the spout of the bottle, preventing leaks and spills. This feature is essential for maintaining cleanliness during storage and transportation.
  6. Customization Options for Branding:

    • Your product offers customization options for branding, allowing you to incorporate your own brand logo or design onto the bottle. Various methods such as silkscreen print, laser engraving, heat transfer print, and more can be employed to personalize the product.
  7. Diverse Packaging Choices:

    • To cater to different packaging preferences, your product is available with a range of packaging options, including white boxes, custom color boxes, cylinder boxes, and display boxes. These packaging choices enable you to present your product in an attractive and branded manner.

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