Glass Kitchen Oil Bottle Non-Drip with Cap #7901A00101

Our popular BOBO bottle can now be part of your SQUARE collection. An improved lid design enhances the stainless steel twist-off lid.


  • Larger transparent top snaps in place over a non-drip spout.
  • Stylish stainless steel lid.
  • Easy-pour and sprinkle design.
  • Transparent, dust-protecting top.
  • Convenient and stylish tray.
  • Logo: we can customize your own brand logo. silkscreen print, laser engraved, heat transfer print etc.
  • Packaging box: white box, custom color box, cylinder box, display box, etc.


Glass Kitchen Oil Bottle Non-Drip with Cap #7901A00101

  1. Larger Transparent Top:

    • The larger transparent top provides a clear view of the contents and securely snaps in place over a non-drip spout, ensuring freshness and preventing spills.
  2. Stylish Stainless Steel Lid:

    • The stainless steel lid adds a touch of style to the product, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  3. Easy-Pour and Sprinkle Design:

    • The product is designed for easy pouring and sprinkling, providing users with flexibility in how they season their dishes.
  4. Transparent Dust-Protecting Top:

    • The transparent top not only allows users to see the contents but also protects them from dust and contaminants.
  5. Convenient and Stylish Tray:

    • The included tray is both convenient and stylish, enhancing the product’s overall presentation and functionality.
  6. Customization Options:

    • The option to customize the product with your own brand logo is available, offering opportunities for branding and personalization.
  7. Diverse Packaging Choices:

    • Packaging options include white boxes, custom color boxes, cylinder boxes, and display boxes, indicating flexibility in how you present the product to customers.

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