Glass Honey Jar Unique Spout #68222002

The problem with pouring honey is the last drip. It usually goes down the side of the jar. We’ve solved that problem with THE DRIPLESS, a compact jar with a unique spout. After you’ve poured the amount you want, tip the jar back a little and slide the spout closed. The tight fit of the slide squeezes off the last bit of honey, preventing it from dripping on the jar. Problem solved!


  • Compact jar with comfortable handle.
  • Slide mechanism seals the tip, stops the drip.
  • A no-mess solution.
  • Logo: we can customize your own brand logo. silkscreen print, laser engraved, heat transfer print etc.
  • Packaging box: white box, custom color box, cylinder box, display box, etc.

Glass Honey Jar Unique Spout #68222002

Glass Honey Jar Unique Spout #68222002

  1. Compact Jar with Comfortable Handle:

    • THE DRIPLESS honey jar is designed to be compact and easy to handle. This feature makes it convenient for users to hold and pour honey without any discomfort.
  2. Slide Mechanism to Seal the Tip:

    • The standout feature of your honey jar is the slide mechanism. After users have poured the desired amount of honey, they can tip the jar back slightly and slide the spout closed. This mechanism effectively seals the tip, preventing the last drip from escaping.
  3. No-Mess Solution:

    • THE DRIPLESS honey jar offers a practical and no-mess solution to the common problem of honey dripping down the side of the jar. By incorporating the slide mechanism, you’ve created a user-friendly product that keeps the jar and surrounding area clean.
  4. Customization Options:

    • The product allows for customization options, including silkscreen print, laser engraving, heat transfer print, etc., to incorporate your own brand logo. This branding opportunity can help differentiate your product in the market.
  5. Versatile Packaging Choices:

    • Various packaging options, such as white boxes, custom color boxes, cylinder boxes, and display boxes, provide flexibility in how the product is presented to customers.

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