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Founded in August 2000, SinoGlass Group is a creator and distributor of superior household products, integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, and marketing. With the mission of “Creating Good Things for Humanity,” SinoGlass Group provides global consumers with four categories of daily use household items: Kitchen, Brew, Drink, and Home. Utilizing the advantages of R&D, lean production, creative aesthetics, consistent supply chains, and unsurpassed quality, SinoGlass Group has launched independent brands, such as Elemental Kitchen and Hy3, that have captured a large share of the market and provided millions of consumers with the quality products they are looking for.


Headquartered in Qingdao, China, SinoGlass Group has two manufacturing bases and modern logistics centers in the economic development zone of Qingdao and in Gaomi city of Weifang, Shandong Province, with a total constructed area of about 100,000 square meters. With more than 400 creators, SinoGlass provides better solutions for households everywhere.


The mission of SinoGlass Group will always be to “let hundreds of millions of families enjoy a beautiful life.” The core purpose of our R&D is to continually innovate and improve, and we are committed to providing the best housewares solutions for everyone.

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    SinoGlass Group has gathered the top international and domestic designers and created an excellent domestic development team, all to provide quick and efficient solutions and high quality products for our clients.
    SinoGlass Group's 180,000 square meter manufacturing base adjacent to the Qingdao port has adopted the lean production management model. Lean production management provides a strong advantage in manufacturing and delivers high-quality products on time.
    SinoGlass Group uses thorough QA, QC and TQM quality control systems and is equipped with an industry-leading laboratory for testing housewares and accessories. With professional raw materials, modern manufacturing and the best quality control personnel, SinoGlass Group can ensure the highest quality work and products from our production facilities, environment, staff, and management.

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Create a "product + application counter" sales model, improve customer interaction experience, open more than 300 counters in major domestic cities, selling hundreds of millions of families.